About Us

Texas Beverage International is a US Company funded by entrepreneurs to import/export partner in the US. We are a group of professionals with vast experience in the global beverage market with the desire & focus to deliver a top quality product backed by top sales & marketing strategies and a reliable sales & marketing organization that will take care of our customers and consumers. We are always in the process of hand selecting more unique and rare suppliers & vendors from around the world. TBI has initiated our efforts in the state of Texas where our headquarter's in based.  We are looking to expand the distribution for each and every one of our products throughput the entire country and internationally and at the same time building an effective business model specifically for each one of our brands.

Our Mission

  • To develop and implement the best strategies in the US market to sell and distribute alcoholic beverages, while acting with passion and consistency, in order to successfully distinguish our brands from other beverage products.

  • To act everyday with professionalism, integrity and rigor for the domestic and international success of our brands through responsible consumption while creating sustainable success for our company and our employees by being focused on profitability

  • To bring consumers in both domestic and international markets the best hand-crafted and most unique beverage brands, by remaining dedicated to be the recognized experts in beverage industry innovation, channel strategies and superior service


Our Vision

By focusing on new or small, local or regional beverage brands, Texas Beverage International (TBI) will be the most innovative, strategic and service-oriented beverage distribution partner in the US, recognized for building enduring and mutually beneficial relationships between our beverage brands and their high value consumers.